We believe in young entrepreneurs giving them the right chance to take off with their StartUp!

With a professional and innovative approach, we invest in young entrepreneurs around the world giving them the right support to launch their StartUp!

Our innovative approach will help you to focus on all the critical aspects when building a StartUp, following up the investors and checking all the right processes to accelerate also the expansion of your company in several international markets.

  • Clear focus and knowledge of the IT market
  • Networking and international partners
  • We focus on online business models
  • Approach to all the markets
What we offer!

We support the SturtUp with the highest quality services to guarantee a big success. The platform WPS is the big added value to see the ideas grow and innovate continuously.

Incubation services

  • Web Services Portal
  • Business training
  • Seed & Founding
  • Legal Support
  • Networking
  • Coaching

Digital marketing

  • Brand reputation
  • Content marketing
  • Social media mktg
  • Digital Strategy
  • Advertising


  • Software development
  • UX & UI strategy
  • Wireframe model
  • Mobile analytics

Software development

  • UX & UI strategy
  • Identity Management
  • System Integration
  • Web Applications
  • Wireframe model
  • BPM


  • Storage & CDN
  • Compute & Server
  • VoIP & IVR
  • Data Base
  • Networking

IT security

  • Antivirus management
  • Antispam management
  • Web protection
  • Lan monitoring
  • Patch control
  • MDM

In VentureLab Capital we transform the ideas into projects through our incubation program, seeding and crowd funding.

Crowd Funding Program
bleep bleeps
Crowd Funding Program
Pono Music Player
Crowd Funding Program
Game Stella
Crowd Funding Program
Idea Energia
Incubation & WSP
Coming soon...

Our team is a group of really awesome people! You’ve got to meet them!

Amazon AWS
Cloud Computing
Zen Desk
Customer Care
Pay Pal
Global Payments Platform
Image Bank

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